AGM 2017 a message of thanks and appreciation [Alex Abela 41 Treasurer 2015-2018]

5-7 MAY 2017

This is a special message to our friends of the 41 International AGM 2017, Sun City, South Africa organising committee and the 41 Club South Africa national board.abelaIt has been an AGM weekend which has exceeded all our expectations, from the airport transfers to the events organised, the quality of the food and beverages served, the location of the convention centre, the merchandising and so much more.

Your warm hospitality and eye for detail in all that you have carried out is to be commended.

The Friday night event at the Valley of the Waves, was in a sublime location. The Saturday AGM including lunch were both of high calibre. The Gala Dinner was a fitting end to a great weekend with a sumptuous dinner and great entertainment.

Although we have not participated in any of tours organised specifically for the visiting delegates, we know from feedback received and comments made on various Facebook pages of those who participated that these were an enormous success.

Yvette and I have enjoyed all this and so much more of what South Africa has to offer. The location and quality of the hotels including the convention centre offered so much to all delegates. Overall these facilities offered various other activities, and we took advantage of these.

In our 4th visit to South Africa, you have a left us with yet another taste to simply come back for more. This is a credit to all the organisers including Convenor John Anderson, Registration officer David Oracki, Tours officer Zeet Borrageira, Functions extraordinaires Bruce & Tania Mckay and others working behind the scenes. Furthermore, this would not have been possible without the support of President Andre de Villiers and his 41 Club South Africa board. Well done to all.

Thank you all once again from the bottom of my heart.

Yours in Continued Friendship,

Alex Abela

41 International Treasurer 2015-2018