The 41 International AGM 2017 in Sun City – A superb great event with Tabling at it’s best! [Engelbert Friedsam]



Dear Tablers, 41ers , Old Tablers, Ex-Tablers, 40 +,

Being eventually back at home after a few days exploring the Garden Route with a finish at Cape Town, I look back to the AGM with great pride to what our wonderful organization is able to provide to us:

  • A very well organized event we will not forget!

Situated at a fine location where all of us could relax, join activities, do day tours, do active tabling in numerous discussions and make new friends. Our 41ers from South Africa under the lead convenor John Anderson and Bruce MacKay with his wife Tania prepared the event for all of us and made it work so well. My hat is off to you guys! You made us feel so welcome! You have worked so hard for this! Thank you so much J! This event has been to the high mark that the 41 International 2016 AGM at Landshut and the HYM at Bangalore have set. 


  • A event where we could look back to a great year of a prospering 41 International organization working closer together with Round Table

As presented at the business meeting, the 41 International Board has continued to follow the strategic plan that had been decided a few years ago. The reports of the national associations show that there is more and more focus on working together with Round Table including the support of Round Table projects. The latest joint project is the “Earthquake Project” in Italy to rebuild a community center in one of the destroyed towns. The project needs still 75000 Euros to cover the projected cost. All member countries of 41 International are asked for support to close this gap! Please help to make this happen, as it was achieved for Aquila a few years back!! Thank you so much in advance for your support. We show that we are one family and support each other!


  • A event where we could exchange good practice and experience and where we reconfirmed activities in progress

The reports from the countries showed many activities that have worked well.  Every country has the opportunity to pick what can work in the own country and can include the action to the own plan and action. We also could reconfirm that the discussion about the name of our organization name discussion will be a key topic on the upcoming 41 International HYM agenda in Italy. A questionnaire on this topic will be sent to the national associations in the next weeks for preparation of the workshop.  

I took the opportunity to elaborate on the stated need for help to identify young men as candidates for Round Table. The ask for help came up in the discussions with RTI and we 41ers have the obligation to actively help Round Table in this matter. Key is how we approach young men and create interest to join in the initial conversation. Key is to answer the hidden question: What is in for me? Why should I become a Tabler? More thinking needs to be done on this to optimize the messages on this. Ideas are welcome and should be discussed at the HYM in Italy.


  • Working on extension

We continued to focus on expanding the membership in 41 International. I am proud to state that the board has been working on this as a team under the leadership of our extension officer and Past President Makarios. 41 International has currently 25 member countries and further 3 are in the pipeline. Details are stated in the Past President report at the Business Meeting and in the April version of the Communique on the 41 International website. 


  • A event with great support from you

It has been a great pleasure for me to serve you and our great organization as the 41 International President 2016 -2017.  I am looking back to a year of great Tabling. It has been a blast! The spirit of Table has been the guide for me, which gave me the opportunity to learn about your national associations and establish friendships for life. Monika and I are deeply humbled for all of this!

I could not have done this without the support of so many Tablers! A big thank you to my board members and associated roles. Thank you for working as one team. Together we added great value to the 41 International organization. The same big thank you goes to the national associations. We have shared lots of experience to create value for our organization. You have made my visits to your AGMs and the discussion with the boards to an unforgettable experience for me.

Looking forward to work as Past President on Extension 🙂 !!



Engelbert Friedsam

President 41 International 2016 – 2017

OT 74 Hanau