Social Projekt 41 Club of Brazil [Joachim Teufel]

Hallo liebe Tablers / 41ers in Brazil,

it is great to see that you are active in your society and set an example what can be done to help. Your activity is another great example of helping to get education to children for their future. I experience many examples in the countries I am visiting where Table is running school projects  ie. in Nepal, Kenya, Morrocco, India, …   

Keep up the dreat work and also have fun together at the same time!

Monika and I will do my best to join the tour that Christoph is planning and visit you guys in Brazil.


We are all Tablers!


Engelbert Friedsam

President 41 International 2016  – 2017

Dear Makarios, dear Engelbert and dear Christoph, 

as you were already informed last year, we were planning a social project in Paralheiros, a suburban of São Paulo.

Together with the people from the nonprofit organization ProBrasil we decided to reform one of their schools in a fast track project. 

The good work of ProBrasil can be seen all over the region and if someone wants to know more about their work, just look at their homepage or get in contact:

Uwe Weibrecht, the president of ProBrasil organized a group of helpers from the families of the children while we financed the instalation of some windows and oraganized some working equipment. Most of the 41 Club members could free themselves last saturday  and we met with the ProBrasil people pushing the project into its final stage. 

All day long we worked hard, nevertheless joking even harder, and it was great to see the final result at the end of the day. We can say we made a difference in the life of this community. 

Take a look at the pictures and decide for yourself.  We would be greatful if there were a chance you could publish some pictures on the 41 International Homepage. In the case you do so, please make sure you compare the photo Result 33 with the photo 002.


It always feels great to realize such a project and we like to come together this way, when we have the chance. Last but not least we can inform you that the beer and churrasco tasted perfectly well, too and was well earned. 

In the name of all our members and the people from ProBrasil we wish you the very best.

Yours in continued friendship and tabling,

(Yicf & T)

Joachim Teufel

President 41 Club of Brazil