Alpenboardmeeting 2017 in Germany

Working and enjoying delicious food with the Swabians – is this even possible? This was the question on many minds of the participants of the Alpen- or Interboardmeeting 2017. And really: From 17th to 19th March 2017 The Tablers from Göppingen at the foot of the Swabian Alb managed to organize a weekend that will be remembered for a long time. The Swabian way of life and the Swabian virtues have guaranteed success.
After a more or less long trip to Göppingen, a brand new hotel surprised the participants. We were the first occupancy, and at the same time also a stress test for the hotel staff. After the registration, we started to the brewery of Christoph Hilsenbeck (RT 179), who, with much knowledge and charm, explained the artisanal brewing art. Of course there was also the possibility to examine the products while listening to Christoph’s words. Delicious!
After the tour the hunger was satisfied: The trip went through the magnificent Swabian landscape into a restaurant, located directly above a just finished tunnel for the railway project Stuttgart 21. We felt safe, since the Swabians are also good at building. Shortly before midnight we returned to the hotel, because for Saturday, the meeting was set.
We met in the rooms of Sattler Lighting at 9:00 am. Wow, work is fun here. Peter picked up this spirit and passed through the day confidently. Joint decisions on the near and distant future were taken and the next meeting was scheduled for 2018. The lunch break then brought the hoped-for variations of Maultaschen with potato salad. This is the real Swabian cuisine!
At the end of the working day, Uli Sattler, President of OT 179 Göppingen took us on a tour through is company. Surprised faces at everybody who hadn’t heard before of Uli’s work before. With heart-warmth and creativity, Uli develops luminaires that are subtle and yet inspiring everyone.

Alpenboard Meeting 2017 173
After a short break, the next highlight followed. The trip now “really” took the Tablers to the ALB, more precisely to Schlat. Once there, Jörg Geiger received us in his manufactory. He illustrated the participants very colourful and with great passion what can be conjured up from old fruit varieties and herbs. Whether with or without alcohol, Jörg had something to offer for every taste. The champagnes and liqueurs were often interpreted in a modern way. The schnapps was not yet presented, but should provide surprised faces once more after the dinner. The menu prepared by Jörg and his team showed everybody the great variety and diversity of the Swabian cuisine. The medium rare roast saddle of venison on braised deer ragout, accompanied by Swabian spaetzle and spring vegetables, was an absolute highlight.
As a convenor of this year’s Alpenboardmeeting, I would like to thank all participants for

their active cooperation. It was fun to prepare everything for you.
We look forward to the next 2018 meeting in Western Switzerland.

Rolf Scheifele