Varadarajan Rangarajan fifth book in 7years – The History of 41 Clubs of India [Country news INDIA]

It happened on Friday, 14th October.`16. The release of my fifth book in 7years- The History of 41 Clubs of India ( Ex- Round Tablers` Assn) at the 36th AGM of the National Association of 41 Clubs in India, held in Bangalore. My good friend Sridharan Chettiar, also a fellow Rotarian, as the President had led the association with aplomb during the year, creating many new records in the history of the association. A wonderful human being and a very popular person among his friends, Sridharan had readily agreed to my idea of bringing out the book before the end of his term as the President . During the 12 months it took to collect information, research and compile and edit the book he stood by me like a rock- extending any help I wanted any time. When a foot injury ( Dhrishti as my family calls it) last Monday almost made me cancel my trip to Bangalore he ensured that I travelled with him in his car to Bangalore so that I could participate in the Book Release function and personally receive the encomiums that followed. I must record my thanks not only to Sridharan but also all the Past Presidents of the Assn for sharing their memories; A.S.Diwakar of Compuprint for designing and printing the book and all others who helped me in making one of my dreams come true!
I took on this onerous task as I was keen to repay my debt of gratitude to the world of ex-tablers who opened up a new world to me when I was young and aspiring advertising executive in Bombay. An association which has given me a legion of friends across the country because of which my `Bank Of Goodwill` is always overflowing. I thank God for giving me the physical and mental strength to leave my `foot prints on the sands of time` of this wonderful association


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