RTI adress at 41 International HYM 2016 Bangalore India [Kaj Kostiander]

Dear 41ers, Old Tablers, 40+,

at the HYM in Bangalore I missed to read out the FULL address that RTI President Kaj Kostiander had sent to me. I sincerely apologize for that. In the hectic hours I did not read the sent mail to the end, so missed the details of Kaj. All detail remarks are well received and welcomed! The words from Kaj are very much appreciated! We will definitely continue our side by side approach which already has shown great results like the All4Nepal initiative, where we jointly achieved so much. Let’s start thinking beyond and follow the idea of “All4Education” as a worldwide initiative of the “Table Family”.  Let’s start working on this!




Hello Engelbert,

unfortunately HYM is not in our plans or budget. RTI will be present at your AGM, though. I wish you a great meeting and hope you will enjoy it to the fullest.

Good luck and see you soon, my friend!




Here are my greetings to the 41 International HYM:

kej_smile_loDear friends,

greetings from Finland. Unfortunately I cannot be there with you but I wish to send you all warm wishes from the cool Lapland. 

Friends. Side by side work is very much valued in Round Table, and we wish to continue on the path of cooperation with you, who once were young Tablers, and always are young at heart. We live in symbiosis, if you allow me to use such a word. Round Table needs more young members, and 41 Clubs can help finding them. 41 Clubs only get new members if Round Table prospers. Let’s work together for even better future!

In working together, we have recently had a great experience from All4Nepal in international level, and many many more in national level around the world. Let’s get more great experiences in cooperation! New initiative called All4Education has been made to continue the cooperation between all four Round Table family members. I truly hope that instead of one-off projects, we will find a common ground for sustainable cooperation in this initiative.

RTI wants to brand Round Table better. I know 41 International has the same goal. The core of Round Table brand is our age. Nothing else is more unique than the fact that we are all young professionals, under 40 years of age. You once were members of Round Table, and you have left a great legacy for us to continue with. We see 41:ers as our brothers; young at heart, Tablers at heart. 

Having said that, I ask you not to brand yourselves as Tablers, as it will confuse the public brand of Round Table. For us you are Tablers. Once a Tabler, always a Tabler. But this is internal feeling, not a public brand. In public, members of Round Table are Tablers. They are the young professionals. You once were Tablers but now you are something else. I hope you understand our point of view on branding, and make wise decisions in your meeting accordingly.

Dear brothers. After this year I will leave Round Table as I am no longer young enough to be a Tabler. I will become an Old Tabler, 41:er, ex-Tabler, 41+ member, or whatever you will decide to call the place the where the graduating Tablers go. I look forward to it, and I hope I will be welcomed with the same warmth I have experienced in Round Table. 

I wish you all a great half years meeting! Enjoy the great company and atmosphere that only brothers can offer! See you around the world!


Yours in international Tabling,





Hi Kaj,

can you please confirm that RTI is present at the 41 International HYM in Bangalore  at this coming weekend (I.e Altaf?? As Sri Lanka is only a hopp away…) or in case nobody can join, can you send a address notice to me, so that I can read it out at the Business Meeting…

This will be very much appreciated :-)!!!