Information AGM 2021 in Hungary

AGM 2021 in Hungary

We held our Hungarian AGM on 11th September in Budapest. As I referred to on Whatsapp at that time, 10 members of the no more than 15-16 members strong Hungarian Club-41 participated. Some of the decisions were as follows:

  • Taking the current Covid-19 situation into consideration we will keep our 2-person board in place. I was asked to stay as President/IRO of the club and Peter Szalai was asked to continue as Treasurer for 2021-22.
  • We will meet monthly, on Thursdays – online for the time being.
  • We decided to spend more time together with and help more our Round Table fellow tablers offering them our physical and financial help, and also advices.
  • Spice of our club-life 😊 will be 
    • (i) that we select interesting topics to discuss (climate&nature, energy issues, Diversity & Inclusion, China-US-EU relations, Covid vaccination, etc.) or 
    • (ii) we invite interesting intellectuals to our meetings who talk and present us with valuable current issues.

Let me attach a photo of our AGM.

I wish you all the best and keep in touch!