President 41 International – 41 Club Morocco AGM 2016 and Charter of 41 Club 6 Marrakech [Engelbert Friedsam]

Dear Tablers,

“I am very happy about your visit to our AGM! All is ready for a great unforgettable weekend”! This is what Mohamed, a  new  member of the new 41Ciub Marrakech, mentions with a smile first thing when he is picking Monika and myself up at Marrakech airport. And how right this statement is we can confirm when we leave on Sunday…

Thursday evening: Charter of 41 Club Marrakech 6. We meet for the official charter act. All is prepared.  Many international guests are present, especially several representatives from 41 Club France. Nice speeches ie. by Kamal, the 41 Club Morocco President are done on the history since the founding of the 41 Club happened. There are 9 members of the new Club present. The 41 Club Marrakech Board is announced and the induction is officially done with the handover of the chains. It was followed by the banner exchange with the new 41 club.  The dinner is held in a traditional building with a ball room in old Moroccan architecture with marble and mosaic ornaments on the ceiling, arches and walls. What a great setup for the charter evening! Monika and I are deeply impressed and very thankful to be invited to this wonderful event.

On Friday we visit the city of Marrakech together with Albrecht Seltmann, IRO Suisse and Gerrie. Gerrie knows Marrakech very well, so we do not need any guide. The souk of Marrakech is the big attraction for us. The souk experience is superb with all these shops and oriental goods they sell. Endless negotiation is a must. Never show that you are in a hurry! We are not too much pushed to buy -we are surprised. Great atmosphere, great experienced. Not sure how many kilometers we walked through the souk, for sure my feet are hurting when we return to the hotel. For sure this visit at the souk will stay with us in our memories for a long time!

The oriental 1001 night party on Friday was excellent, food absolutely great. I used the time to discuss 41 International matters and have great conversations about 41 Club Morocco. I learned unfortunately that there is currently no Round Table existing in Marrakech. So I includ this topic in my speech at the Business Meeting on Saturday morning., reminding the 41ers that they have the task and obligation to help creating a Round table in Marrakech again. Without a Round Tbale there is no future for the 41 Club. All agreed that there is action to be taken. By the way Business Meeting J… All International guests are on time in the meeting room – as scheduled…  Our Moroccan 41ers take it more relaxed… The Business Meeting starts about 50 minutes after the scheduled time. Inshala J!  Every 41 Club did their report, so took quite a while. The most important topic was the introduction of the new board. Nacer Amrani, the new President 41 Club Morocco, presented his new Board and talked about his program.  Key of the program is the continuation of the good working relationship with Round Table in Morocco and to increase the number of joining former Round Tablers at the 41 Clubs.

I had the opportunity to talk to several Morocco Round Tablers including their President. They are happy with the support they get from 41 Club Morocco, so confirm that they have a active joint Tablers relationship. The only area where they look for much more active support is getting leads of new candidates for Round Table. This is priority one for the 41ers.

The gala evening is very well set-up. Only few speeches and lots of dancing. At midnight a surprise: Albrecht Seltmann has birthday J!!  The dance floor is his and congratulations from all including the birthday song  is happening! Also this is tabling!

Yes, a memorable AGM – indeed!

Now the preparation for the 41 International HYM is the focus. Before taking off to Bangalore I am visiting the Poland AGM in Gdansk on the weekend. So more news is coming soon


We are all Tablers!



Engelbert Friedsam

41 International President 2016 – 2017