Workshop Slides ” Improve RT- 41/OT Bonding” [Engelbert Freidsam]

Workshop Slides ” Improve RT- 41/OT Bonding” 41 International HYM – 2012 Tampere-Finland

Dear friends,

I hope you have returned save to your home by now or in the next hours… It has been great meeting quite some of you in Tampere again!

Thank you all, that you allowed me to raise this subject during the business meeting, which is at my heart and where I feel we all have to work on… It will be a lengthy journey, but worthwhile to take, as this helps to have a great future as 41/OT organisations.

As discussed during my presentation of the attached Slide- deck at the meeting, it is of value for all associations to improve working together with Round Table on all levels – national board level, district / area level and on Table club level. Unfortunately we did not have enough time in Tampere during Saturday to really perform the workshop, start the sharing of the situation in each association, but we could set the scene and decide the next obvious steps…

I want to again clearly point out, that what has be done so far in Germany is by no means what can be done or should be done in your associations. It is just a illustration what journey we have been through over the last 5+ years and also shows that this journey is hard work and is still continuing. It should just give some ideas what we have tried…

We agreed  in Tampere as next step, that each association takes this topic up in the national board meetings (maybe using this slide deck as basis…), discuss the subject and come forward with an honest / open feedback on the current situation (by answering at least the 4 stated questions on slide 6…) and in case plans / actions are underway, what has been done so far, what is planned to be done in the near future to improve. In case not much have been done on this so far, please state this as well, as what we would like to collect is the current situation of hopefully all associations of 41 International and the “starting point” of hopefully a successful journey to improve J!

I need the response to the questions from your association latest be mid-December 2012 (if possible…) please, so that I can consolidate the feedback, identify common issues / ideas and define the key themes for the workshop sessions, which hopefully can be jointly done at the next 41 International AGM in Interlaken. 

download Powerpoint:
OT 41 International Workshop Working together between 41-OT and RT 01.09.2012

I am sure this work will be of value for all of us!! 

Greetings to all!
Engelbert Friedsam
IOR Old tablers Germany