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We welcome BELGIUM and SWITZERLAND as the new countries in the community of 41ER.WORLD! Together with SWEDEN, AUSTRIA, GERMANY and FINLAND, we are already over 13.200 […]

Report Iceland AGM 2019 [Christian Albrecht, Germany]

From the 3rd to the 5th of May I had the chance to join the AGM in Eglistadir, Iceland. Ther were four  international guests (2x […]

AGM Germany – Following the footsteps of Goethe and Schiller

At the weekend of May 31 – June 2nd 2019, Old Tablers Germany celebrated a splendid anniversary AGM in Weimar. Together with representatives of affiliated […]

AGM 2019 Weimar – Thank you! [WOLF HEINRICH]

Liebe Damen, Dear Friends, Chers amis, Servus Freunde, Grüezi Freunde, Queridos amigos, Cari amici, Beste vrienden, Dragi prieteni, kära vänner, kære venner, Hyvät ystäväni, (asdakai […]

Alpenboard Meeting in Verona, the city of love. [Rolf Scheifele]

This year’s meeting of the Alps adjacent countries was hosted by Club41 Verona. Beate and I were lucky; we arrived early in Verona, so enough […]

Ulver Oswald passed away – 41. International honorary member, holder of Order of Merit 41 International

41 International – President Ulrich Suppan On behalf of 41 International and the Round Table family I offer my heartfelt condolences to the loss of […]

The flying dutchman [Stefan Wark, IRO]

that our friends from Netherlands are able to fly like crans, is only a rumour, which never was established by anyone from Holland. Fact is […]

Picture: Christmas parcel convoy started today [Fabian Engler]

The Christmas parcel convoy started today for the 17th time in the direction of Moldova, Bulgaria and Romania. More than 156,000 parcels were collected in […]

Christmas Parcel Tour 2018!

On behalf of the members of 41 International the best wishes to all the Supporters of the Christmas Parcel Convoy 2018 to Moldavia, Romania and […]

European meeting of 41 Clubs and Old Table 97 Burg Frankenstein

It was a day in September – that day I`ll always remember … The first line of this old Motown song, sung by The Temptations […]