Dear ex-Tabler and friends

On behalf of the 41 international board, let me extend our warmest season’s geeting and best wishes for the year to come.

Throughout the first six months of my presidency, I have been visiting as many AGMs as possible with one message in particular. The need to help Round Table with new members. Now is the time for good resolutions to be implemented.

Throughout our Tablers’ life you and I have seen Round Table achieving great things and lead to great moments of joy.  We made many friends and later joined 41 so the strong bonds that united us would endure.

However, while 41 has been growing, year on year, currently reaching about 35.000 members, Round Table itself has been struggling more and more.

With barely more than 30.000 members worldwide, Round Table has lost about 50% of its membership in the last 30 years. The situation is getting dramatic in some countries.  And although Round Table is expanding geographically, Tablers almost everywhere are finding it more and more difficult to find new members.

 We must help them.

Some of us have provided members to Round Table in the past. And that was great. A few of us are still doing the right thing : introducing younger men to their old clubs. But they are too few, too rare. Round Table is still losing members.  We must do more!

Now is the time 41 international members must mobilise together and encourage each other to find Tablers, and, why not, Circlers too, if the opportunity arises.  In 2020 we can support Round Table like never before and show them what 41ers and old Tablers can do for them, together.

In order to bring a little more motivation, all the 41ers who can successfully bring a new member to Round Table (or Ladies Circle) in the coming 12 months will be rewarded with a special pin. The “Tabler Maker” pin. It will allow you to be recognised in regional and national meeting, and be offered a free drink, whenever you show up to these meetings.

In few days, you will receive a personal email form me with three links.

The first one is there to help you in your task. It points to a page on our 41 International site called “How to make Tablers”.

Link 1 : How can I make Tablers?

The second link is for you to inform us of the success of your mission. It will lead you to a page were you can input the name of the new Tabler (or Circler) and the name of his new Club. Once verified this information will entitled you to the “Tabler Maker Award” and pin.

Link 2 : My Tabler this year

The third link is very important : this is where you can inform us of any Tablers you made in the past, while you were an ex-Tabler. It will serve a statistical purpose and help us measure the success of our operation. It will also show the Tablers the added value of having and joining ex-Tablers clubs.

Link 3 : The Tabler(s) I made in the past (in my 41er ‘s life)

I hope you will enjoy the challenge and I will contact you again in the coming months to motivate you and check on your progress. In the meantime I wish you a good “hunt” for a Tabler, or a Circler.

Together, let’s show Round Table we can do something for them. And remember, if you cannot  make Tablers, you can always motivate others to do so!

Let’s Make 2020 a year to remember for Round Table.

Luc Trigaux,

41 International president

yes i made tablers and circlers –> register now!