Board Meeting with “40 plus” Suriname Board

We met with the Suriname Board on December 7, 2021 at 1800 CET on a Zoom meet to introduce the New International Board and meet the Suriname Board. The following were present:
1. President Luca.
2. IPP Luc
3. VP Tom
4. Webmaster Fabian
5. Secretary Gopal
6. Treasurer Tor
7. President 41 Suriname Gregory
8. Secretary 41 Suriname Vincentius
9. IRO 41 Suriname Roger
10. Treasurer 41 Suriname Robin
After a brief introduction by President Luca of the International board and the 41 Suriname board.
President Greg mentioned that the 41 club here are called as 40 Plus Club in Suriname. There is one Round Table with 30 members, and they have one 41 club with active 40 members and 12 senior members. All members are locals.
The club meets every third Thursday of the month. the 41 clubs have an AGM once in three year the next AGM is scheduled in the year 2023. It was suggested by the 41 International President Luca to have an AGM every year and also jointly with the Table.
President Greg mentioned that the AGM could be scheduled in September/ October 2022, VP Tom mentioned to view the international calendar and decide the date.
President Luca also mentioned that it is important to meet and be in touch with Suriname. A mentioned of Jeffrey who passed away has an award named after him in promoting tabling internationally and work towards induction of new members.
Suriname is working on extending and to Charter Guyana which is planned soon, their immediate neighbor are Netherlands, USA and Canada. IPP International 41 Luc mentioned about the international forum which would be held in January 2022, it would be nice if the Suriname board attend the forum, it is important for the world to meet them.
WebMaster 41 International Fabian discussed about the 41ers World, and explained the benefits of joining the app.
The ASBL was explained and membership of the Association was discussed.
Extension in Latin America was discussed efforts put in for Brazil was discussed, Greg suggested that we share this information on the website for 41ers travelling to Brazil can interact with the past tablers.
President Luca thanked all for their participation and looked forward in meeting Suriname in January at the forum and in person in Norway for the Agm in May 2022.
Warm regards
Stay Safe and Be Safe.
Warm regards
Gopal Chopra
41 INTERNATIONAL Secretary 2019-23