41 INTERNATIONAL President’s Christmas & New Year Message

Dear Friends,

the Christmas and End of Year holidays are knocking at our door and 6 months have already passed since my zoom induction in May.

I am proud of my international board and all the work we have done so far.

The pandemic has given us the opportunity to meet in a different way. Not physically, not live but through technology. Almost every week we have zoom meetings that allow us to meet with the national boards of the member Associations of 41 International. We have already met with Sri Lanka, Senegal, South Africa, Zambia, Denmark, India , Romania, Hungary, Suriname, Gb & I , Belgium and Cyprus.

With all these meetings we have the possibility to better know the life of the members, to share ideas and moments of joy , often from so far apart geographically but so close emotionally.

But between the Covid waves members of the international board were able to meet live with the Friends in some countries at their annual General Meetings: Italy, Denmark, Cyprus, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Malta. I had also the privilege of attending the 75th birthday of Club 41 England, the cradle of our club.

At these live meetings we all understood that seeing old and new friends is a gift, every single time. Every short period of time you share with a brother is an invitation to savour life and to dream the future.

On the 15th of July we had a zoom forum discussing the future strategies we intend to implement in the next years.

Tom Albrigtsen had new ideas to better shape the Club and the international board is following him in this new endeavour.

As Romania had to call off the international HYM in October in light of the bad Covid conditions in their country I decided to take the chance to organize the hybrid HYM of 41 International and Tangent International in Italy in my hometown Verona.

More than 100 of you from 18 different countries came. In normal times that would be a modest number of participants in an international HYM. But in today’s times it meant an explosion of joy, friendship and togetherness. The beauty of the city of Verona and great sunny weather topped it off. I still feel the enthusiasm of those of you who made it to Verona!

What else is on the agenda of the International Board?

We believe that some of our Rules need a fresh look and perhaps some change. These matters will be the main subject of the next workshop that will take place in January.

I am proud that you all join me in supporting “the Round Table School of Hope of Kenya. It is a great project that support initiatives in the education and health areas in Kenya.

Several thousand euro have already been collected and I am sure that before my year ends in May in Norway you and I will find thousands more for this service.

In March we will hopefully meet again in the flesh at the next AGMs and I look forward to seeing you all in your countries.

In this holiday season I feel happy with my big family in the world. But my thoughts are also with those brothers that are no more with us. In our hearts each one of them is with us forever.

Dear Friends, let me wish you a joyful holiday season with your families and friends and a Happy New Year and always remember : “No borders, let’s connect ! “


Luca Colombo
41 INTERNATIONAL President 2021/2022