Letter to the clubs [Luca Colombo, 41 Vice president]

Dear Friends
Beautiful moments shared, smiles all over and total relax are the default mode of our association. In that spirit, we chartered our newest Club in Italy (no. 40, in Udine) a mere three weeks ago.
The following day a nightmare has taken hold of Italy. The corona virus is very much part of our lives and our possible infection is our main worry. For two weeks now it has been made very clear what is mandatory: frequent hand washing, no shake of hands, no cheek kissing, no hugs, no physical contact at all. Staying at home.
In this scenario, it is very difficult to talk about the event in June which is meant to jointly see 41 international, Tangent Club International and Agora Club International. I have often anticipated in my mind this moment of happiness. Many members of my local Club in Verona, sponsors, the municipality of Verona and a number of institutions have put so much work into organizing it.
Yet we cannot conceive in this moment to let the event happen.
Local hospitals are overflowing with patients in critical condition. The constant sound of ambulance sirens has become the backdrop of daily life in Verona.
And the real problem now is that we do not see the end and we cannot predict the future. Time is running and I think the date of our meeting is too close.
We do not want to give up yet but it is clear that we will soon need to decide whether to go ahead. Give us one more month. If the situation changes much for the better we will be happy to have you here in Verona for an International AGM that you will remember forever. If fate dictates otherwise, we will have to give up. You will in any case be informed.
Please stay safe! Stay at home! (for the time being)

Luca Colombo
41 International Vicepresident