41 International and Tangent Club International – Half Yearly Meeting 2019 MALTA

Dear Friends in our Round Table Family,

As we approach the start of another international Half Yearly meeting, the organising team is proud to forward you all our welcome letter.

As a club and country, this is officially our first time in hosting an international event for both 41 International and for Tangent Club International.  We have been waiting for this moment for a long time and now that time has arrived as well. We are only 20 days away and a few hours until we start another marvellous journey together.

Our organising team has been working very hard for the last 24 months. We have put together a varied programme for you all to enjoy in the company of existing friends, whilst making new ones.

download: 41 Int & Tangent Int HYM2019 – Welcome letter 10 2019 

On behalf of John, Piero, Sandro, Massimo, George, Kenneth, Andre, Patrick and myself and all our other members of our club 41 Club Melita, we welcome you to our shores and wish you all a great time.

I hope and trust that you find the welcome letter instructive and useful for your preparations for the upcoming international HYM 2019. We have liaised with both international boards to ensure that the letter and the details therein are as up to date as possible.

Enjoy reading this letter.


Alex Abela and John Messina

Convenors for HYM 2019