AGM Germany – Following the footsteps of Goethe and Schiller

At the weekend of May 31 – June 2nd 2019, Old Tablers Germany celebrated a splendid anniversary AGM in Weimar.
Together with representatives of affiliated clubs, 41 International President Luc Trigaux and guests from 13 countries, we celebrated our 50th birthday in bright sunshine.
At the Welcome evening guests could enjoy a great party and many of them took the opportunity to chat with friends on the sunny terrace.
On Saturday morning all delegates hat to get out early to be at the meeting. Important and emotional topics were on the agenda. The financial order and the name of our association were voted on.  Of course, a new presidium was elected. A highlight of the meeting was Fabians report about the Tablerworld. In a few weeks he will unlock Tablerworld (41ers World) for our community. The connection to RTI will already work at this time. The entry into this common member administration will also move other nations to step in. Together with Luc and some international guests, we were able to show the benefits of Tablerworld in a personal meeting after the assembly. On big step was taken and paid by our friends from Old Tablers Sweden to realize the project for the whole 41ers Community. Hopefully the next movers who will enter are ready to pay back there part to the Swedish friends. As Midnight Oil already said:


“The time has come to say fair´s fair

To pay the rent, to pay our share.

The time has come, a fact´s a fact

It belongs to them, let´s give it back.”


We are happy about every association stepping in.

The evening started with the Banner Exchange and a special honor to Randolph Riedlinger from Italy, Mihail Ponova from Romania and Jean-Claude Jousten from Belgium. They were honored for their many visits to German AGM’s and given the title as “Friends of Old Tablers Germany”. The gala dinner took place at the beautiful “Weimar Halle” with lovely food and live music. The dance floor was crowded the whole evening.  All the evening the “Weimar Halle” gave space and possibilities not only for dancing and partying but also for good conversation with old and new friends. 

The Weimar Tablers found just the perfect place for the farewell. In the middle of Weimar close to the historical marketplace. It was ultimate location for the last impressions from Weimar. It was hard to say good bye.
I enjoyed the weekend with all of you very much and I´m looking forward to see you at another AGM or at the very latest next year at the German AGM in Schleswig.

Yours in table


IRO Germany