Ulver Oswald passed away – 41. International honorary member, holder of Order of Merit 41 International

41 International – President Ulrich Suppan

On behalf of 41 International and the Round Table family I offer my heartfelt condolences to the loss of Ulver Oswald.

Words cannot express our sadness. 

I lost a real friend and we all will miss him – and his spirit as 41 International Honorary Member and holder of 41 International Award of Merit!

Our friend Ulver was International YAP Convenor from 2005 till 2016. During this time our main program was enhanced by his great effort and ideas!

He will always be a part of this program!

In these times our  deepest sympathy is with  Rosemary, who was always of great support in regards of his 41 contribution!

We shall treasure the memory of Ulver as a great friend and unforgettable 41 International member. 

Yours in 41 for ever!

Ulrich Suppan

41 International President


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Old Tablers Germany – Bob Parton

We are sorry to have to register the untimely death of Ulver Oswald, 41. International honorary Member, Old Tablers Germany honorary member, Club 41 Iceland honorary member and Past Old Tablers Germany Präsident , holder of Order of Merit 41 International

He was a member of Round Table 118 Bergheim since 1981 until 1996 where he became founder member of OT 118 Bergheim. He took on every available office in both of these Clubs which he executed  proudly and efficiently .

Ulver was a very active member in national and also International affairs and became President of Old Tablers Germany in 1997/98.

He showed his Understanding of the world , particularly by his help and guidance in the Foundation of Clubs in Iceland and Nepal. His activities and leadership were outstanding and with „his“ YAP young ambassadors Program he will never be vergotten.

Through his activities he was awarded the Honorary Membership of 41 International , Old Tablers Germany and  Old Tablers Iceland. He also became a Member of Merit in 41 International.

His works and enorm efforts for our ideals will and cannot be forgotten.

Ulver is not there anymore where he was, but he is everywhere where we are in our hearts, thoughts and deeds. 

The funeral will take place on Friday, December 21, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. in the Mourning Hall of the Westfriedhof in Cologne.

Bob Parton