Nepal – On the journey to introduce 41 Club [Engelbert Friedsam]


Tablers02Dear Tablers,

Time flies… exactly on the day one year after I had joined the RTI AGM in Nepal I am back to continue what had been started at that time: foundation of 41 Club Biratnagar to path the way to establish the national association of Club 41 Nepal. Now one year later the charter of 41 Club Biratnagar as next step was decided and planned. Surendra Golchha together with the club in Biratnagar has been active throughout the past year and has been supporting Round Table in Biratnagar. Surendra Golchha as the founding President had done very well to mobilize further two former Round Table members to join the club, so now 13 members were keen to be chartered.

In parallel great work had been done over the year to promote the idea of forming 41 Clubs to a number of former Nepal Round Tablers in Kathmandu and Birgunj by the RT Nepal Past President Nikhil. I had discussion with Rajiv Bajoria in Kathmandu during the RTWM regarding the starting of 41 Club which gave him inspiration and he took the initiative of starting the first 41 club in Kathmandu. Saurabh Kedia Nat. Secretary RT Nepal jointly with the 41ers in Birgunj of the idea to establish in their cities Club 41. Nikhil wanted me joining the foundation events in addition to the charter of 41 Club Biratnagar and make my visit very worthwhile. …and how worthwhile it wasJ!

At arrival at Kathmandu airport after an overnight flight Rajiv Bajoria picked me up and gave me a lift to his home, where he home hosted me in good Tablers tradition and spirit for 2 nights. The foundation event for 41 Club Kathmandu happened at the same hotel where the RTI AGM 2016 took place. Rajiv had invited all former Round Tablers and partners he knew of. He expected about 12-15 former Round Tablers to show up for the foundation event. Even he was surprised when about 25 former Round Tablers, many with partners, were attending the meeting. Also the Nepal RT Board members were present and were eager to understand what role the 41 Clubs could take and what support of RT Nepal means.  I did get the feeling that the former Round Tablers just had waited for somebody taking the initiative I regard to the 41 Club founding event.  I took the opportunity to talk about the role of 41 Club in the RT-family, the typical active club live including the objectives, the active support of RT, the role of the national 41 Club, etc. Not only theTablers had questions… The partners also wanted to understand their role and what they can contribute to an active club live.After the question and answer session the foundation document was red out and the foundation of 41 Club Kathmandu was announced. The event was nicely combined with a dinner buffet followed by party and dancing… allwell organized. I congratulated Rajiv for his work to make this event a great success. 

Next morning I took the flight to Biratnagar to join and celebrate the Charter of 41 Club Biratnagar No. 1. The 41ers of Biratnagar under the lead of Surendra Golchha had  prepared a full day agenda, starting with a project activity “100 school bags” for a primary school in a small village that suffered from a flood caused by the heavy monsoon rains about 3 weeks back. The flood was up to the hips, so all classrooms flooded and therefore all learning material got drowned.  I helped to hand over the school bags to the kids. It was great to see the smiles on their faces J!

Surendra invited me for lunch in his home, where a few 41ers joined as well. Quite some questions about several 41er topics came up and the time was used to share experience from other countries as well. I felt great passion of the 41ers to be active and noticed their drive to work together with Round Table.

The charter event of 41 Club Biratnagar was very well prepared. Surendra had a detailed formal agenda prepared. He could welcome the Mayor of Biratnagar and Police SP were guest of Honor, also the Lions district governor, the President of the local Lionsclub, Round Tablers from Biratnagar and the RTN National PP Nikhil. With the 41ers and partners there were about 80 dignified persons of Biratnagar joining the charter event. I was asked to join in on the speeches and also was asked to congratulate each charter member of the new 41 Club. Every new member got my personal pin and the Charter document was officially signed. The ceremony finished with a traditional dancing show, followed by dinner. All very well organized and carried out. Well done Surendra and team J!

Next morning I had to leave early to catch my flight to Simara (via Kathmandu) to join the foundation of 41 Club Birgunj. As advised by Nikhil, I took the flight option on a just 15 minutes flight. The travel by car for the 130 km journey would have taken about 5+ hours because of the bad road condition.  At arrival at the Simara airport the 41ers were welcoming me and together we went to the founding meeting at a restaurant nearby. Round Tablers, Lady Circle, and partners of 41ers were present. I had to explain what 41 Club is all about, the active relationship and support of Round Table, support of RT projects but also how the club live should be organized and also the role of the partners. The foundation document was signed and Round Table and Lady Circle congratulated the 41ers. 

With great pleasure I can add that two more Nepal 41 Clubs are in the pipeline towards foundation in the next few months. The national charter of 41 Club Nepal is coming closer and should happen in the coming 6 – 9 months, together with the charters of the founded 41 Clubs. The Presidents of the new 41 Clubs will work on fixing a date.


Next morning I carried on to join the India 41 Club AGM in Hyderabad.

We are all Tablers!



Engelbert Friedsam

Past President and Extension Officer

41 International 2017 – 2018

OT 74 Hanau