Dear Presidents, Councillors and 41ers,
I trust that you are all well and those on summer and/or winter holiday are having a great time. 
As per our agreed action all associations would sign a MOU with their respective country’s Round Table Association. Whilst the international board and I realise that many countries have a very close relationship with their respective Round Table Associations, we believe it important to sign the MOU that was developed in conjunction with Round Table International in order to formalise an understanding between the two parties.
It is with the above in mind that we respectfully request all 41 International member countries to sign the said MOU as soon as possible and/or indicate by when the said MOU will be signed. So far 15 out of 26 countries have signed and with us, as a board attending the RTI AGM in Estonia from 17-21 August 2017, we would like to have as many MOU’s signed as possible.
If there is any further information you might need, please do not hesitate to contact me or the International secretary.
Thank you for your understanding.