GB&I AGM 2018 in Belfast – close to full in some events! [Phillip Ellis]

belfastBelfast 2018 update:

As the numbers keep coming in I must make everyone aware of we are close to full in some events.

Tuesday Echlinville: we have 7 places left before we go to split buses and that will give us 24 more places.

Wednesday Londonderry Walls: we have a maximum of 25 more places left.

Thursday & Friday Mornings Bushmills & Giants Causeway: I have just spoken to Bushmills and we can go to 98 per day. Which means we need 8 to move from Friday to Thursday. After moving 8 across that leaves 36 on the Thursday only!

Thursday night Belfast City Hall welcome dinner: we are at 296 which leaves 34 seats left at the party.

Friday Golf: there is still plenty of room for all wanting a great 18 holes and the 19th is also very nice.

Friday evening Presidents Ball: we have a total of 132 seats to fill and this event will also be booked out.

Saturday night Titanic centre Belfast farewell fancy dress ball: we have over 200 places left for this event due to we have the whole building to ourselves.

We are 4 weeks from launch and we are giving out warnings. We are doing our best to limit disappointment. I warn all those who think we can magic up more places, we can’t.

Source Phillip Ellis, facebook

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