41 CLUB Cyprus PP Pavlos and Makarios attended the Round Table Cyprus Annual PVPI

Dear all,

41 CLUB Cyprus Past President Pavlos and me we attended the Round Table Cyprus Annual PVPI (President’s, Vice President’s & IRO’s) Meeting held on 19/11/2016 at Limassol.

During the meeting there was a discussion about improving the clubs, how to recruit new Tables and implementation of MOU. We had the opportunity to share and exchange ideas, especially on how to attract young men to join Round Table. A communication science approach from the marketing prospective was presented by the Tablers.


The suggestion about the first conversation approach, as well as the proposals how to improvethe clubs were well received from the Tablers and will be adopted in the future.

YicF & T

Makarios Charalambides

IP President 2016 – 2017