41 International President Engelbert address to the Brazil Club Founding Meeting in Sao Paulo


41 International President Engelbert address to the Brazil Club Founding Meeting in Sao Paulo

Dear fellow Tablers / 41ers,

Greetings from the 41 International Board and our 25 member countries! It is great news that you are founding the 41 Club in Sao Paulo! Unfortunately we are not able to participate in person at your charter event as our calendar is filled with events that have been committed long time ago, like this weekend I am at the AGM in Belgium. I therefore send this address so you can read it out at your founding event. I promise to make best effort to come with Monika to your AGM next year!

You have been updated on how you can organize your Table club and related activities. Also you have been updated about the 41 International organization and objectives. In case of any questions or clarifications our 41 International Past President and Extension Officer Makarios is happy to help you.

It would be great to see your charter organized and of course you joining one of the upcoming 41 International AGMs, so that you can explore the global dimension of fun, fellowship and friendship J!! You are welcome any time! Just have a look to the 41 International website www.41International.net for the events. Next HYM is happening in Bangalore in October 2016, next AGM in South Africa in April 2017, …

I wish you a great founding meeting and welcome to the 41 Club organization! All the best! May the hinges of friendship never rust!


we-are-tablers_500We are all Tablers!

Engelbert Friedsam

41 International President 2016 – 2017

OT 74 Hanau


Founding Meeting  –  41 Club of Brazil

Dear Makarios, dear all,

Our 41 Club of Brazil is working and we had our founding meeting on 05.10.2016 !
Out of 16 founder members, 10 attended, with 3 more guests participating, see pics.

As President I had the pleasure of holding the 1st. speech about the uprise of the Rothschild family and their overwhelming wealth from their beginnings until today.

Another Milestone: 
The greetings and informations from 41 International President Engelbert were addressed at this Brazil Club Founding Meeting in Sao Paulo by our Vice-President Fred Mägerle.


Founder Members 41 Club of Brazil
1 President Joachim Teufel
2 Vice-President Fred Maegerle
3 Treasurer Klaus vom Bauer
4 Lustwart Florian Scheibmayr
5 Social Secretary Lothar Zimmermann
6 Founder member Eckart Michael Pohl
7 Founder member Mario Janssen
8 Founder member Thomas Bauer
9 Founder member Cornel Gass
10 Founder member Tassilo Mader
11 Founder member Erxleben Oliver
12 Founder member Konrad Singer
13 Founder member Gernot Beutle
14 Founder member Bernd Kalbfell
15 Founder member Martin Duisberg
16 Founder member Andreas Sanden


In the name of all founder members Fred and I thank you for your assistance and we will keep you informed about our next steps. We look forward to address the design of our logo in the next meeting.

Yours In Continued Friendship & Tabling(YicF & T)

Joachim Teufel

President 41 Club of Brazil