President 41 International – RTI AGM In Kathmandu [Engelbert Friedsam]

rtiwmRTI AGM In Kathmandu – An exciting event at the top of the world


Dear Tablers,

With some delay I find the time between the travels to the AGMs to do this write-up about the RTI event in Nepal… Again a lengthy summary, but necessary as many important events happened.

I had booked the flights to Kathmandu to join the RTI AGM and have our annual joint meeting between the board of RTI and 41 International and also visit some schools that have been rebuilt  / renovated from the funds of the all4nepal donations and get confirmation that these funds have been used in the best way.  In addition I wanted to get an onsite impression and feedback from the school leaders, teachers and children. Past RTI President Jason Thompson had organized the visit, so easy for me to join.

nummer2About 2 weeks before departure to Nepal a surprise:  Very good news arrived from RT Nepal VP Nikhil… Engelbert, you have to come to the city of Biratnagar! There are 11 former Nepal Round Tablers  (I avoid using the words “Ex-Tablers”… for reason :-)!),  who want to found the first 41 Club of Nepal during my presence. They ask that you come to Biratnagar and join them to give more information about 41 International and the 41er movement in general. Whow, exactly this was what I hoped to happen during my presence at the RTI AGM :-)! Immediate booking of the flight from Kathmandu to Biratnagar with Buddha Air… never heard of them… is this airline on the banned list?? OK, do not care, you need to get there…

Flight was great! Puhhh… Leaving the plane, I get a welcome I never had before. Eight former Tablers of RT 5 Biratnagar welcome me ON THE RUNWAY putting a wreath of flowers around my neck. For surprise they take me straight away to a school which got quite some support for years from RT 5 TOGETHER with the former Tablers of RT 5. At the compound entrance the children are awaiting us, standing espalier handing numerous small flower buckets to me. I cannot take them all, I am overwhelmed… I see a big sign hanging at the building, stating that RT 5 is handing over a “Clean Water System” to the school., donated through fund raising of the Table.  What a great initiative of the local Table together with the former Tablers! This project is not part of the all4nepal projects.  The school leader, the teachers, the children, they are all so thank full and praise the support of Round Table over the years having improved the infrastructure at the school, financed equipment and provided continuously supplies enabling education for about 350 children.

Great to see what Tablers can do for this school do working together! Exactly that has been in mind of RTI and 41 International when the MOU was agreed and signed.  Together we are strong!

The founding meeting of 41 Club Biratnagar happens next. 11 former RT 5 Tablers and partners meet. After answering lots of questions the foundation of 41 Club Biratnagar is announced and documented.  Now the charter is the next step, followed by the foundation of the 41 Club Association of Nepal. Great to get a new member into the 41 International organization!

The return flight to Kathmandu is no problem, as I in the meantime get aware that a member of RT 5 Biratnagar joins the flight, who is from the family owning BuddhaAir . Of course he also wants to arrive safe :-)!

The next 2 days Monika and I spent together with Jason to visit 3 schools with about 1000 children under education where all4nepal funds have been dedicated to rebuild the schools. For all of us the 2 days  were a emotional roller coaster… what we saw, what we heard from the children, teachers school leads was proofing that the money has been spent wisely , fully controlled by RT Nepal. Every school supported through funds of all4nepal has one RT Nepal Club dedicated as godfather. On top of the support given by the individual club during the rebuilt phase, it is decided that the godfather Tables continue the support to the schools in the coming years to ensure that the education is secured in the long run.


Congratulations to Jason Thompson who made all4nepal work! Congratulations to RT Nepal who did the great project work on the ground and made it happen that thousands of Nepal children are under education again after this terrible earthquake. Bravo RT, bravo 41 Clubs, who raised funds for this, you can be very proud! Again, together we are strong and can achieve so much! Monika and I have seen Tabling at it’s Best!!

During the RTI AGM weekend I use the time to advertise for better working relationship between Round Table and 41 Clubs in numerous talks. The feedback I am getting is twofold. Although many of the Round Tablers are fully aware and give me lots of examples in their countries where there it is normal that to work with the 41ers, there are also quite some Round Tablers stating that the relationship with 41ers is lacking, the project support would be well appreciated but is not existing.  Unfortunately…  In these cases I notice that there is lack of communication between the relevant RT and 41 Club.  I commend to the Round Tablers to actively approach their 41 Clubs and establish relationship.

But also clear: It is up to us 41ers to change this! Please start having regular contact with your Round Table. It is easy! Just visit the Round Table Meeting and start the contact.

Due to lack of budget I have been the only 41 International board member joining the board meeting with RTI Board. We had planned to use Skype to link in the 41 board members, but in practice it failed because of bandwith issues.  The meeting went very well. RTI confirms and appreciates the approach to come closer and work together in several areas – side by side. Two topics are on top of the list: 41ers to support projects run by Round Table and identify young men as candidates for Round Table to help to grow.

These topics we will include in the discussions  at the HYM in Bangalore. I also clarify the approach to find one name for the 41 organization. RTI understands the issue and is supporting the way forward starting the discussion with a workshop at the 41 International HYM in Bangalore. The concern remains on RTI side to decide on a name that might be too close to the name Round Table.  I invited RTI to participate at the workshop in Bangalore.

Finally one more great news:  At the gala dinner several former Nepal Round Tablers approach me to announce that another 3 new 41 Clubs will be founded in Kathmandu and surrounding! What a surprise! Obviously my hall way talks inspired and gave the last push to them to establish 41 Clubs and be part of forming the national 41 Club association Nepal! Makarios, 41 International PP and Extension Officer will help them to do the next steps.

I am now back from the visit to the South Africa 41 AGM. My report will come soon… Just busy now to move on to visit the Morocco 41 Club AGM…



We are all Tablers!


Engelbert Friedsam

41 International President 2016 –



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