President 41 International – AGM Italy [Engelbert Friedsam]

Banner_EngelbertDear 41ers , Old Talers, Ex-Tablers, Round Tablers,

The first “hot phase” of 41 Club AGMs  happening this year is on! The weekend before last week I visited the Old Tablers AGM in Sweden (see separate report), now last weekend Monika and I visit the 41 Club Italy 2016 AGM in Ascoli.

Here already my three e-word summary: entertaining, exceptional, encouraging!

Now my impressions beginning with the start of the weekend. The outgoing 41 Club Italy President Domenico Vannicola picked us up at the Ancona airport. We were accompanied by the German IRO Christoph Weimann and Hannelore. Domenico told us already in Landshut that we should fly to Ancona and he would pick us up personally on top of all work he had to do to prepare the AGM. This attention and care happened to us international guests all weekend.  International participants came from Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Malta, Germany, myself as the 41 International President and France.

The welcome event on Friday was very special. The location was at a nice restaurant at the top floor directly at the beach. Sitting outside on the balcony, with lots of communication with Tablers not seen for a while, we had a direct view to the beach, felt the sea breeze, all accompanied with drinks and great Italian food. As a great surprise suddenly a fire work was started from a boat directly in front of us at the beach. What a spectacle! It was one of the best fireworks I have seen. The dark sky was for 20 minutes lighted in all colors which were reflected so nicely on the beach. This has been very exceptional!! It was highly entertaining and will stay in the minds of the participants – for sure! Congratulations and a big thank you to 41 Club Italy and to the organizers! Just spectacular J!


Source: facebook, 41Club Italy Group (Pierre Lorraine‎)

The remaining night was short, the early morning called for the Business meeting, held in the centre of Ascoli in a historic building.  With my address to the business meeting I explained the importance to work with Round Table Italy and strongly recommended to jointly work to finalize the MOU in Italy and decide on the 10 point action plan to clarify the points of joint action to start improving the relationship and deliver improvements for both organizations. 41 Italy board indicate dthat this will be taken up. It is encouraging to see this happening! Also YAP should be revisited, looking into a short small tour option with only a few participants as a start, like Cyprus is doing this year. The 41 club board of Italy should start the discussion on a potential common future name of our organization internally and get RT Italy involved to form an opinion to be presented / shared in the workshop of 41 International in October 2016 at the HYM in Bangalore.


Source: facebook, 41Club Italy Group (Pierre Lorraine‎)

As already experienced in the past visits to the 41 Club Italy AGM, the banner exchange and later at the gala evening the speeches took quite some time, so that the dinner itself was done late in the night. Great show elements on the stage were fascinating and gave a special atmosphere. The international visitors for sure experienced great hospitality, great table like talks, saw typical Italian spontaneity and of course could taste the Italian food and wine. Monika and I felt very well taken care of  and special thanks to Past President Domenico and Convenor Fabio, who did the airport pick-up an drop! Alberto, all the best in your President’s year! Monika and I plan to come to Parma, where the next AGM will take place J!!

The next visit is coming up: The Old Tablers Germany AGM in Bielefeld on the weekend. More about this visit in my next report.

The visit schedule over the coming weeks is packed… Netherlands, Austria, Cyprus… More news on that in the coming weeks…


We are all Tablers!


Engelbert Friedsam

41 International President 2016 – 2017


Report in the local newspaper about the Italian AGM