President 41 International – AGM Germany [Engelbert Friedsam]

Dear Tablers,

After the Club 41 Italy AGM Monika and I visited the AGM of Old Tablers Germany, my home organization. The Bielefeld Tablers invited with the slogan “Bielefeld, the city that does not exist”. I had never been there before, so now after the AGM I can ensure that it exists! The event was so well organized and all went according to plan. Typical Germans… Even the weather played well, sunny all weekend.


As usual, the welcome on Friday was to meet up and communicate. Just easy going, but also having individual discussions on the topics scheduled for the business meeting next day.


The key topic at the business meeting was the voting on the new rules for Old Tablers Germany. A team of experts worked on this topic over the last 2 years with several iterations and reviews done on the way, last workshop session on this was the OTD workshop in February where the final adjustments happened. During the last 2 years a lot of discussions and fine tuning happened on the objectives and how to integrate the service aspect into the rules. At the Business Meeting the new rules were passed with a overwhelming majority of the votes (2/3 majority was necessary). With this result Old Tablers Germany now has simplified and up-to-date rules in place for the future. Congratulations to the board of OTD to overcome resistance and make it happen!


Part of the long agenda (Business Meeting took about 5 hours…) was the introduction of the new OTD IRO Rolf Scheifele as my successor. After 5 years dedication as IRO I passed the responsibility to Rolf, wishing him a great time and success in his role. The OTD board honored the work done over the past 5 years and congratulated me for all the achievements. I responded with a big thank you to all who supported me during my IRO time as it would not have been possible without the great support. It has been great fun for me and I am pleased to say that during my IRO years I could build a huge global friendship network for Monika and myself.


Congratulations to Peter Weiß, the new OTD President. I wish all the best for his year! Also a big thank you to Rudi Schuenemann, the new Past President, for leading us through the difficult year, especially the discussions on the new rules. You mastered it at the end. You can be proud!


Now the next visit is coming up: The 41 Club Netherlands AGM in Almelo on the weekend. More about this visit in my next report.


We are all Tablers!


Engelbert Friedsam

41 International President 2016 – 2017



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