President 41 International – Sweden [Engelbert Friedsam]

Dear 41ers, Old Tablers, Ex-Tablers and Round Tablers.

After the Denmark AGM 29.04 – 01.05.2016 I had to spend several days on some urgent matters in my real job. As a result I had not enough time to prepare for the AGM Sweden visit, also the travel planning, flights, pick-ups for the following weekends to Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Cyprus…  In between all the planning and booking we had to leave for Italy to Ascoli… Just arrived and writing this new update for the web site since the Landshut AGM all following weekends showed double bookings of national AGMs. Denmark at the same weekend as Iceland, Sweden the same weekend as Norway, Italy the same weekend as Sri Lanka… and there are more double bookings on the horizon. Consequence is that I am missing out on several AGMs and I feel very sorry for this, as I had to make a decision (by drawing a straw…) whom to visit.  So here is my promise: I will make all efforts to visit the missed association AGMs next year!


The Old Tablers Sweden AGM is happening together with the AGMs of Round Table Sweden, Ladies Circle Sweden and Tangent Sweden. As I have been joining this AGM for a few years now, I still see this event with over 1000 people as a challenge to organize and manage, but I have never seen any issues. The same this time! The “High Chaparral Wild West Theme Park” venue location at Värnamo turned out to be the ideal location to have a “Wild West Party” on Friday, separate Business Meetings and finally a joint Gala Dinner.


Once more I have been taken very much care of by the Old Tablers IRO Pierre Lundqvist from the beginning. “Oh, you are coming on your own… in this case do you want to stay with me and some Finnish and Danish Old Tablers in a cabin for the weekend?” Pierre wanted me to have a weekend according to the Round Table style I of course have been doing during my Round Table times.  Of course I took the offer and it turned out to be great. When I arrived at “the cabin”, the Finnish and Danish Oldies already had prepared the “survival kits”, namely beer cans, some “fire water” and by surprise also good quantities of soft drinks in the small cabin kitchen. Pierre “organized” us 8 people so well in the true table spirit. Use of bathroom, freedom to party anytime after the official events – all great- in best Tabling spirit!


The Business meeting was well prepared by the outgoing President Magnus Elg. No major issues, instead lots of harmony with fun, resulting in running beyond the expected meeting timeline, even with 2 Sergeant at Arms. Very unusual for a Swedish AGM: Long discussions on small topics! I learned one important fact: it is not allowed to serve beer before 11:00am in Sweden, so the Old Table business Meeting started at 11:00am! Listening to the report of the board and to the conversations (of course in Swedish…) I learned that Old Tablers Sweden is doing well and is growing because of new clubs are chartered and leaving Round Tablers are coming on board. The new Secretary of Old Tablers Sweden is still a Round Tabler! So there is a great mix of Old and Young coming together!


Magnus, congratulations to you for a great year leading the Sweden Old Tablers Association!  Philip Rüdiger has now taken over as President of Old Tablers Sweden! Philip, all the best for a successful year ahead!


It has been a great visit with a full sample of the Tablers Family world, which made a lot of appetite to come again!


After a few days at home catching up on real work and preparing the next AGM visits, Monika and I have arrived now in Ascoli, Italy to join the 41 Club of Italy AGM. More about this event in my next update.

Looking forward to see you during my AGM visits in the coming months!

We are all Tablers!



Engelbert Friedsam

41 International President 2016 – 2017