41 Communique May 2016 NEW

Dear Friends,
Effective communication is a building block of successful organizations”.
In other words, communication acts as organizational blood.
An effective and efficient communication system requires managerial proficiency in delivering and receiving messages. We need to discover various barriers to communication analyze the reasons for their occurrence and take preventive steps to avoid those barriers. Thus, the primary responsibility of a manager is to develop and maintain an effective communication system in the organization.

41 INTERNATIONAL has thought it fit to assign more responsibilities to the “Editor” who was hitherto only publishing THE HINGE magazine. The portfolio of the “Editor” has been rechristened as ‘Communication Manager‘ encompassing publication of newsletter, providing information and data to the website, coordination with Editors of member countries and allied organizations in addition to exploring the possibility of using other communication media to the advantage of 41 INTERNATIONAL at no extra cost to the organization.
The appointment procedures, term of office, position in the management remain the same.

It has also been approved by the Councilors that THE HINGE and Monthly e- newsletter will be combined and published henceforth as extended monthly newsletter.

Looking forward to your continued
support for the new initiative.
Communication Manager


41 COMMUNIQUE May 2016 (8.0 MiB, 545 downloads)


41 COMMUNIQUE May 2016 (8.0 MiB, 545 downloads)