First President message [Engelbert Friedsam]


President 41 International

engelbertDear 41ers , Old Tablers, Ex-Tablers, Round Tablers,

By now, most of the participants have arrived at home, full with impressions of this exceptional weekend. Monika and I also arrived at home on Sunday evening. It took us two days to recover from the long nights and partying with you guys! Puhh, what a blast!!!  Looking back, we are sure that we have been at one of the best organized  AGMs with great spirit and always the mood for fun and fellowship. Monika and me have hardly experienced like this in our Tabling Life over all the years! Landshut, the beautiful, well kept city in the wonderful German area of Bavaria has hosted the 41st 41 International AGM with 453 Tablers joining from 26 countries. There were more than 25 single events to be organized. It overwhelmed OT 153 Landshut as the organizing Table, but also went far beyond the expectations from OTD and also the 41 International Board.  There have been many voices who said that this has been the best 41 International AGM in history. I tend to believe this after all what we have felt and seen.

From Monday onwards daily pre- tours have been done to Regensburg, Ingolstadt, Weltenburg and Munich. All tours were on days with bright sunshine and perfect support from the local Tablers and Old Tablers of the individual cities. All participants had a great time – typical Tabling or Tabling at it’s best J!

The weekend then started with the first highlight, the “Bavarian Night”. Many German and also international guest were dressed in typical Bavarian style: Dirndl and Lederhosen! Typical Bavarian music, “Schuhplattler”, and the official opening of the evening with the unfortunate failure of the “Bieranstich” at the first barrel of beer by our 41 International President Makarios gave this Evening a great blast. Bavarian beer and food was available at all times. Because of the very high number of guests the event was experienced as quite “cosy” which supported immediate mood for a great party.

The Bavarian music, the Bavarian traditional shows, all contributed to the Bavarian Night so well.  The “sniff machine” that I brought with me to this great event was under continuous use, which at all times was creating fun and great experience for those who tried it.  A superb evening with lots of fun and fellowship J! All, but especially the international guests experienced Tabling at it’s best during the Pre-Tours.  Outstanding what OT 153 Landshut had organized together with the Table Clubs in the surrounding of Landshut! My hat is off to the team and a big thank you for all this hard work! This experience raised the expectations for the upcoming weekend – and – the expectations have been even more fulfilled and exceeded! The Bavarian night on Friday, the Gala Evening on Saturday, both evenings had spectacular shows included which raised again the party mood.

MakariusThe Business Meeting was very well prepared by 41 International Secretary Dr. Sid. After an early start at 8:30am the major of Landshut welcomed all delegates and the guests in the beautiful historic city of Landshut. A special highlight was the live link to Nepal RT and representatives of teachers and school children where 41 International President Makarios announced the donation of 5000 Euro to the all4nepal project to rebuild schools. Makarios collected the 5000 Euro through selling the historic MOU Pin. The cost of the pin has been covered by 41 Club Cyprus. Another highlight has been the election of Indu Chandhok and Ulver Oswald as Honorary Members of 41 International. Hans-Dieter Gesch was honored with the Award of Merit.  All three got the awards for their long term contribution to 41 International.

A key part was the report of President Makarios on his presidential year. The presentation showed the amount of actions and achievements, with the key focus to improve the working relationship with Round Table.

sid2Dr. Sid gave his “fare well” speech as outgoing Secretary. It is a pity that he is leaving the 41 International Secretary post, as he has been so professional in this role. Mika Uusi-Pietilä from Finland won the competition for this important role. Andy, I thank you so much for your contribution as Hinge Editor. It has been great to work with you and specially enjoy your fellowship and friendship! I am sure, there is lots of fun and continued fellowship to come!! The meeting minutes of the Business Meeting covering all topics will follow by the secretary.

In my Vice President speech I confirmed that the strategic directions will be followed, so “the ship 41 International” will continue into the same direction. The 41 International Board will continue to work with associations to further improve the relationship with RTI and the national RT associations. Target is also to have the missing MOUs signed between 41 /OT and RT on national level during my presidential year and continue to grow 41 International membership. Suriname has but forward the application, Portugal will follow at the next 41 International AGM 2017 in South Africa.

Many strategic topics are done or underway. Many member associations are well progressing on them. This is great and will help to develop our movement to a much better future.  There is still one key area to be taken up: Our name! We greatly celebrated 41 years existence of 41 International in Landshut. Greta achievement, but unfortunately the name of the national members of 41 INTERNATIONAL has developed away from a unified name for the organization. There are names on national level for the same now in use, like 41 Club, Old Tablers Club, Ex-Tablers Club, Round Table + Club, etc.    Now is the time to look at this and make efforts to get back to “One Name” for our movement. This will help us in many aspects like marketing our movement, have one name in the public around the world. We will hold a workshop at the 2016 41 International HYM in Bangalore to start the discussion on this topic. In many side discussions I notice that the time is right to focus on this topic There is quite some desire to work on this and get eventually to one name for the same. I am excited and look forward to the workshop!  As part of the defined strategic direction topics

Back to the great Landshut event… Everybody enjoyed, had a great time and appreciated the event very much in the discussions I had. A big applause to OT 153 Landshut organizing this nearly perfect event for all of us. There is more opportunity coming up to enjoy again: The India team is organizing the HYM 2016 in India external-link-512. The program looks great. Now all is up to you:  Please register in time!

Looking forward to see you during my AGM visits in the coming months!



We are all Tablers!


Engelbert Friedsam

41 International President 2016 – 2017