AGM2016 Presentation: Convoi meets Kaub [Tommy Fuehrer]

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Over 3 Million children never get to go on a vacation, never take a short term trip during summer break … simply because their families do not have the financial means. 3 Million children – in Germany alone!
A group of German tablers decided to do something about this. They founded a non-profit association which bought an old outdoor swimming pool terrain in the village of Kaub (only 1h drive from Frankfurt Airport). Then they motivated the whole of Round Table Germany to build the Round Table Camp together. This Round Table Camp lies right in the middle of the beautiful and romantic World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley with its famous castles, historic towns and vineyards.
The Round Table Camp was voted as Germanys National Service Project in 2013/2014, one year later it was re-elected for the second year running.
Building, renewing, renovating: more than 10,000 hands-on-hours,
close to 500,000 € funds raised by tablers all over Germany. Countless donations in goods and an extraordinary two years of working and building side by side with Round Tablers, 41ers and Ladies nationally and internationally made the vision to come true: The Round Table Camp will open its gates for the children – your children – all children in June 2015 and 10,000 kids-nights are already booked for 2015!
The Round Table Camp was not only built as a Home for Service, it is also the Home of Round Table Germany where EVERY Tabler and their family from all over the world are heartily welcome! Tables and Tablers from all over the world can sponsor a trip for or accompany their local groups of kids to be sent to the Round Table Camp. Be a part of the Round Table Camp – join us in bringing children together, help those who need it and share with us incredible Returns on Emotion!